Arkenlights: More Next Generation

DayStar Sunbird DuMort Arkenlight

Hi... I'm Daystar, Daystar Sunbird DuMort Arkenlight to be exact, the rest of the next generation of Arkenlights. Yeah yeah... real long name... I know. It gets worse when it's bellowed across a courtyard, trust me.:::smirking slightly::: Buuut... when your parents both have healthy lungs... it tends to happen ya' know?

If you haven't talked to my brother Kerwind yet... well... you're probably confused or just curious right? Of course. Well let me try and clear some of that up.

Now I'm going to guess that you haven't talked to my Aunt Tala, and learned anything about the Arkenlights, and I'm also assuming that you haven't visited the Library at Sanctuary to learn anything about dragons.

Hmm... I could go into all of that and bore you to tears.... but I don't think I'm going to. I'll give you the condensed version that explains Wind and I. From the Arkenlight side of our family we are gifted with souls that actually help define what we are, or can do. In mine and Winds case it just happen to be the soul of a dragon. From the dragon half we get everything else... with one exception. Both Wind and I have the gift of being able to both see and speak with Elementals. Wind got Water, Shadows, or Dark if you prefer, and Earth. I got Air, Fire and Light. Ironic no?

What all of this means is that we both have a dragon form that we can use, the ability to speak telepathically, to translocate things as well as the abilities to manipulate space to form little bubbles of space that we can either move through or just store things in. There are a few other things we can do, but if I list them all we could be here for a while. Oh... I wouldn't worry if some of the more metaphysical things confuse you... some days they confuse me too. ::whimsical little smile:::

Anyway, for both of us the soul and the dragon ended up being kind of one and the same thing, only the soul amplifies the dragon... making us both doubly dragon in some respects. :::wicked little grin::: Go read in the Library at Sanctuary if you aren't catching my drift on that okay?

Anywho... for me things worked a bit differently then expected. As a teenager, and into young adulthood I was actually partially allergic to my Fire Elementals. Basically I'd get sick as hell if I talked to them for any long period of time, and if I actually convinced them t be able to do something it damn near killed me. It's better now, but working with them still leaves me pretty woozy. Despite this though they still like me... which is a bonus all the way around I think. As for the rest of me... welllll.... although the dragon and the soul are one in the same, for me they are also a totally separate part of me that I can well...visit?
It gets confusing to try and really explain... but I can basically talk to my own soul as a separate sort of entity in me... it just happens to take the shape of a dragon. :::soft laugh::: I probably just confused you more huh?

Now some have remarked that even as an adult I drag around this silver and gold stuffed dragon. I've gotten a bit of teasing about it... frankly I don't give a rats arse what others think. My Dad gave it to me when I was very young, and as I matured it became something that gave me a great deal of comfort. It also looks exactly like me when I'm in dragon form, and not too surprisingly like the dragon thats also my soul.

Okay... I can see your eyes glazing over, so I think you should probably run along and maybe visit a few of the places I suggested... or if you haven't already, go bug my brother. It'll be less work on your brain.

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