High in the distant mountains resides the Carpathian Grand Duchy. Desolate and remote have they been called by the rare visitor to them, and haunted and terrifying are they referred to by the few locals in the region.

Aside from the lands held in the mountains though there are still vaster holdings elsewhere. Rapidly becoming known for their wines and soft woollen blankets, the Carpathian Empire has long reaching arms.

Who holds these lands though? That is the question most often asked, as the castle and it's surrounding grounds had been thought to have been empty for many years... until recently. The current Grand Duke and Duchess are a far cry from previous ones indeed.

The Grand Duke Carpathius decends from a long , mostly unbroken line of Grand Dukes, some more infamous then others. The current one however has had a rather different journey to his accension. As a lackey (for lack of better phrase) for the previous Grand Duke;his grandfather; the current one found himself traveling far from his homelands on one of the many quests that he was oft sent on. It was during this time that he ran afoul of another nobleman, and ended up truly enslaved to him. The tale of that part of his life can be found elsewhere.

It was however through the noble that had enslaved him that he ultimately learned of who he truly was. Changed at the hands of his master, he remained the sole heir to the Carpathian Grand Duchy.