Arkenlight: The Next Generation

Hello! My name is Kerwind NightFlame Dumort Arkenlight, and I am, well, different from most men my age. And it has nothing to do with my hair or eyes, though I have been told by more than a few people around this place that they are quite alluring...Tell me what do you think?

::he bats his eyelashes at you sweetly with a devilish grin, while flipping his hair over a shoulder, looking like the prefect blend of masculine and feminine::

Pretty damn sexy, huh? And modest as well. But I digress, you obviously are curious about me, hmmm? Good! Well, let's begin at the beginning. I am son to Nightwind Arkenlight and Arimis Dumort. I have a sister by the name of DayStar but I'm not gonna go into her you can just ask her yourself.

Growing up with a Countess and Assassin for a mother, isn't as bad as one might think, nor is having a well documented philander and troublemaker father. Mom and dad treated me very well and showered me with the kind of love and affection that makes for a great childhood. Things had been going smoothly till about age six and I discovered something wonderous and slightly scary about myself

::his eyes go distant for a moment as if he's recalling the old memories. He then grins at you impishly, his eyes dancing happily::

Sorry about that, Mikal, who was Day and I's teacher in our youth, wanted to get his two cents in buuuuut I'm not gonna let him. Anyway, at the age of six, I realized that I was truly different from the other children at the Keep and indeed most of the adult population. I could talk with plants and animals and they would respond, but better than that was I could understand them! It gets better from here, I started seeing things, blue watery looking things, dark shadowy looking things and earthy looking things. I know now that they are elementals, but at that time I was spazzing out like well...DorkStar on Passion.

::his eyes go distant for a moment then he laughs::

I certainly will call you DorkStar, because as your elder brother that is my right and I intend to take full advantage of it. Oh, sister was jumping my shit for calling her DorkStar, long story, don't ask?

::he offers you a weak shrug and a smile::

Blame it on genetics? Cause it's all in the blood. Seriously, though, I'm getting bored telling you about my past, so let's just talk about other stuff, k? Like maybe my sister Dorkstar DumbBird. I pick on her a lot, but hey that's what sibs do. I love her dearly, and not in the creepy Caligula way either, shame on you for even thinking that! She's really a bright girl, dorky but bright, so at least she's not a total waste, eh? Enough about her though...

::his eyes go distant again, before sighing and shaking his head::

Hey now, Day! Stop that! I am not like that, and I only talk with animals like Dr. Doolittle! Hey!!! That's nasty!

I was gifted with the ability to talk with water, earth, and shadow elementals, those thingys I saw when I was younger. As cool as they are, I still think Zoe is the best! Who's Zoe, right? Well Zoe is my Kudzu!!!!!!!!! You try to hurt her and you'll have poison ivy growing out of places that you can't itch! You, won't? Ok,. good, because lots of people have tried, Zoe is like my best friend. Most people don't understand kudzu at all, and they don't try... of course most people can't talk to kudzu so I guess it makes it hard to understand, huh?

::his eyes go distant for a moment, he then shudders and shakes his head, regarding you levelly::

Day calm down, they aren't a chicken! Sorry, someone was insinuating some very not nice thing about my sister and I. I hope you are not as foolhardy as that person, who'll find themselves quite hot under the collar. You want a demonstration? You're joking, right? Tell me, why should I show you? Ahhhh, curiosity, eh? I don't like to make a show of things, but just this once I shall. See that glass of water on the table? You do? it very carefully.

::his eyes go distant for a moment, and his voice drops low, you can barely hear what he is saying, and then the water from the glass gushes out and hits you in the face. He opens his eyes and laughs::

You're all washed up! Sorry, I had to, but there you've had your demonstration, happy now? Good!