This is Seekers Hall. There is a sense of utter peace and a deep silence. Not so much that there is a lack of sounds here, but rather an inner silence that isn't obvious and yet you can feel it through your entire body.

This is perhaps the most mysterious of all the area's of this Mountain. Seekers are almost a breed unto themselves, using their minds to reach across time and space to aid, or just listen to those that have the will to do the same.

How often have you laid in bed, on the verge of sleep and sworn that you heard someone speak, though there is no one in the room with you? Perhaps you heard a Seeker answering some silent call of yours for aid or comfort.

Seekers have the strongest of the minds in the Mountain. They almost have to. However, because of the very nature of what they can do, they are also the most reclusive of all members in the Mountain. Training is only begun if a natural inclination is shown early on in life, and lasts a lifetime.

The work they do is mentally strenuous, thus they too have distinct shifts. Typically a Seeker will seek for no longer then 8 hours at a time, and never alone. Seekers always have a person with them in the main Seek chamber. They use specialized couches that conform to their bodies and are sinfully comfortable.

But what is a seek? Simply put it is an almost trance-like state that a Seeker enters, which allows their minds to go far beyond the physical body. While on a seek, a Seeker is not aware of anything going on around them in the physical world, nor do they feel hunger or thirst. It is for this reason that Seekers are forbidden to do an unaccompanied seek.

So who watches over the Seekers as they work? Usually their counter-balance, however there are several people in Seekers Hall that do not have counter-balances, and so other members will take turns providing the necessary guardianship.

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