This is Healers Hall. Though in truth it's not so much a hall as it is a section of this vast mountain. Many are unclear as to what exactly goes on in this section of the Mountain, not to mention what exactly a Healer does.

Lets start with what goes on here. For the most part its rather like a huge infirmary, where all manner of injuries, great and small are tended. These range from broken bones, to splinters and scrapes. Bear in mind that most of the patients are dragons, so a broken bone is a serious thing. I should clarify here that when a dragon breaks a bone in either form, the break is across all forms.

So.. what is a day like in this particular area? Well, it starts at day break. By mid-morning there have usually been any number of visitors to the infirmary, with a variety of complaints, though some stop by just to talk it up with whoever is on duty.

There is actually a fairly large staff in Healers Hall that rotate through their turns in the infirmary, as well as in the back with the herbs and other medicines that are all produced and grown in the gardens. More senior ones will often be allowed to lend an ear to those that just need to vent or talk something through. When not on duty many of the workers still have classes to attend, or teach.

The end of the day is usually after diner, and consists of the lights being dimmed a bit, and the evening shift of healers coming in. This is a smaller group as a rule, and further along in their training.

Training to become a Healer is a long process, and takes up to 20 years minimum. Most Trained Healers end up teaching at the Mountain, but some go out into the world and settle in small towns where their skills are much appriciated.

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