The Dragon-Born

There are many other dragons besides Seekers and Healers that live at Sanctuary and through out the realms. These are those that either have not finished training, or have not trained here yet are acknowledged to be part of his vast family.

Many of them have lives away from this Mountain, and still others have not graced its halls, yet all are important.

Arimis DuMort Partially trained here.
Nickodemus Bedlam Never trained here.
Arial Bedlam Partially Trained here.
Nickita SunHune Trained but never named.
Enos DeLaChat In training.
Galena DeLaChat Currently living in another time and location.
Ivan Ironwood Never trained here.
Vorzehva Ironwood Never trained here.
Kerick DeLaChat Unsure.
Ashlyn Arkenlight Living with Galena in another time and location.
Katris Ironwood In Training

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