General Explanation of Dragon Arousal

I have neglected to give an explanation of what exactly happens when one(for lack of a better phrase) turns a dragon on. I am of course speaking of the male, the female is slightly different and shall be covered at some other time.

To understand what happens in this process, one must first understand all the parts involved, besides the obvious ones I mean. Lets take a good look at the back of a dragon, when in human form.

The back is covered, from the base of the neck to the top of the arse by an outline of a dragon in flight, with the head of the dragon at the base of the neck, the wings spreading across the shoulders, the body following the spine, and the tail ending as I've mentioned before just above the arse, where one would find the end or almost the end) of the tail-bone. the color of the outline varies from dragon to dragon of course, but usually the out-line color corresponds to the actual dragon color. So, if in dragon form the color was say, crimson, then the out-line on that particular person would be in fine lines of crimson. A pretty piece of work, and one that is most vital to the survival of the species.

So, aside from the artistic affects of this, one of the first things that is noticed is that when calm the out-line is flush with the skin, meaning that one could run their hand down it and not feel it. However, do not let this deceive you, for it is very sensitive, and one would do well to exercise caution in running ones hand down it, for the out-line is the main link to the true dragon inside, and thus highly sensitive to touch of any sort.

In the earliest stages of arousal, the out-line becomes twice as sensitive to touch, and if one has any sort of sensitivity n their finger tips one would feel that it becomes very slightly raised. At this point, there are a few other reactions that go with this... breathing becomes a bit deeper, the eyes will take on a slight glowing glitter, voice will change to have a slight huskiness to it, and subtle pheromones are released. This is the first stage and is the easiest to back down.

The second phase is more intense, and actually a bit dangerous, for it has its basis in two areas, the sexual and the combat. One must exercise a great deal of caution at this point, for it takes very little to shift the focus from a sexual nature to the automatic instinct to kill. A simple thing like an interruption can do this, and in fact it has been documented that quite a few wedding nights have been ruined by an interruption, sending the male into a killing frenzy, slaughtering everyone, the bride included. However, I must state that this is usually in the case of young dragons, that with time and age this tendency is tempered somewhat.

So, as to the changes at this point. The first is of course that the out-line becomes more pronounced, so that it doesn't take all that much sensitivity to feel it. All other physical reactions also increase so that the breathing is much deeper and even a bit ragged, the eyes become brighter and more intense, the voice will deepen and of course the pheromone level is higher. At this point, provided there are no interruptions, the dragon is also very intent on his partner, and their reactions, and will, and can do anything within their power to intensify those. I should add here that a dragon uses not only their hands and mouth to do this but their mind as well, shifting their vision spectrum from the normal range into the heat sensitive range, so as to see all the "hot spots" on their partners body and so increase them even as he brings the rest into balance with them. One other change in the out-line is that it will feel warmer to the touch then the rest of the body, and it once more becomes even more sensitive, so that the lightest caress will cause a marked reaction...very marked, ranging from a deep moan to a combined mental/physical deep, intense kiss. The reaction varies, of course, from dragon to dragon, and with time one comes to learn what to expect, to a certain degree that is.

This will inevitably lead to the third stage/phase, from which there is absolutely no stopping, regardless! This phase is the final and can last several hours. Yes, I did say hours... I believe that the record is somewhere around 12 or 16, but it could just be male egos bragging.

The third stage goes something like this...and actually has two sub-phases. Part one, the reactions and changes noted in the first two phases will double, or in the case of an older, experienced male, triple! However, there are a few more changes at the phase that should be noted(if you are the least bit shy or squeamish, I strongly suggest that you stop reading at this point, and leave male dragons alone!) First of all, let me state that even when not aroused most male dragons are notably hung well...very well, with the average length being about 10 1/2 inches! (I did try and warn,please close your mouth and put your jaw back where it belongs!) In this phase...double or if pushed to the limit, triple, that length!! An impressive thing to be faced with... Now then, also at the point the dragon will have very little restraint (the exception being in a teaching situation..but again, that can be covered in at a different time..), as they have but one goal...release... but I must say that unlike the human male, they are not totally selfish in this goal, for the ultimate release is for both, and a dragon WILL make sure this happens!! If linked with their partners mind, the sense of release is both physical and mental....absolutely incredible and completely intense. Gone are the traces of gentleness, replaced by a hungry determination and drive.

As this occurs you shift into the final or actually second sub-phase of this. The cause of this is determinable and simple. All one has to do is to merely continue to trace any part of the out-line on the males back, ignoring any and all warnings that he might have issued in earlier stages, and voila, what you find you have is a dragon..literally. Fully aroused, hungry for the combined release and hung to match size!! Yeah...up to over 6 feet in length!!!

Now, if this second sub-phase causes you some worry, relax! As I said, it is determinable and the causes are known...if your not up to it, or in some cases, can't match it, the simply don't do what causes it! Either way the inevitable end will be awesome.

So, there you have it. What to expect and the stages of an aroused dragon. I should add a few other notes here though. First of all, 90% of all dragons (male and female) are actually trained to handle this, and trained from the first time they cycle. The biggest part of this training involves control, both of mind and body, so that there is minimal risk or danger to their partner. Because of this training, dragons are very considerate, if demanding, partners. Yes, demanding. It is said that the only thing that matches a dragons rage is his passion... a truism in its clearest sense.

If I have not been as clear on some of what one has to deal with when making love with a dragon, forgive me, but there are some things that just can't be clearly described by mere words alone, for the sensations and experience is a very intense and powerful one, which touches your very soul...and one that I wouldn't trade for all the world!!!!

Oh, one last warning here....though it shouldn't really be necessary.... it is a dangerous and risky proposition to tease a dragon....VERY RISKY!!!!!
So, one that note let me leave you with these final words of wisdom....

Stand not between the dragon and his wrath, Or his passion!

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