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((My deepest Thanks to my dear friend Arimis for allowing me to publish this explanation.. Thanks Doll...I owe ya' one!))

What is a Sanctuary Dragon... or...

Celtic Dragon

The Library...
:::you find yourself in a comfortable looking room, that has several shelves of books and scrolls. Scanning the shelves you find the volume that Mikal had mentioned, the one with the Deep blue cover and gold writing. Settling down in a comfortable chair, you open the book and begin to read, the peace of the room wrapping around you like a warm, soothing blanket:::
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A brief explanation of the Dragons of Ari's World.

Where to start..?? Okay, okay...at the beginning...I know. The dragons that I refer to and use in my RPing, and in my daydreams are ones that I have, for the most part, created out of my own love of these wonderful creatures...though I will admit here that I had not thought of them as such until reading Anne McCaffry's "Dragonriders of Pern" series.

Unlike the dragons used in standard AD&D campaigns..or even the Dragonlance series...the colors of my dragons do not affect or reflect their personalities or as some would say...alignment. Their colors stem from who they are...their souls so to speak..so color has nothing to do with whether or not they are "good" or "evil".

They have some inherent abilities that other dragons perhaps do not...such as they have the ability to take on a human form, thus negating the need to blend them with any human blood. They are telepathic, empathic, have the ability to heal, fight, love, die, and every other emotion known to human-kind. The exact abilities however are based on how each one thinks, rather then a set standard. (I give David Eddings a touch of credit here for planting the seed of that part.) However I must stress at this point that they ARE NOT MAGICAL!!! They know of magic..and have no fear of it...for the most part...but they themselves do not use it!!!


These dragons are different in other ways too from others in that they can be born in either their human form..or dragon form. It's up to the individual. The color of the baby dragon is usually determined right after birth...by the attending healer. I suppose here is a good place to explain one other little biological fact... How dragons conceive... The only way that a dragon will conceive is if there is a life-bond of true love. Which brings us to a few other interesting aspects of these dragons...

First of these is their...appetite, bedroom-wise. They are a sensual creature for the most part..but they obviously do not run around screwing anything that moves...that would be a bit much. These dragons have very definite periods of...intense drives, which are called Cycles. To further explain these... A dragon cycle is something akin to the felling of when one is just sitting around, minding their own business and all of a sudden, for no apparent reason, their hormones go ballistic on an intense level. This condition (usually called puberty in real life) in dragons lasts for at least a week...but has been known to last as long as three weeks. During this time these dragons tend to be VERY sensuous..and have been known to "hunt" for a "playmate". I hope that I do not have to go into more detail on this particular aspect of these dragons, as it should be fairly obvious what I'm talking about...and if it isn't..then you are probably too young to be running one!

Onward... Now that I've explained to a certain extent about these creatures and their abilities...the question arises as to what do they do in regards for a living..so to speak...and where would you find them? To the first part of that I say this... These dragons really have no need for money, or employment... but they can serve in a number of capacities if they so choose... Some have served in the military, some as advisors to Kings, Queens, Princess's, etc... They do this because they choose to, not because they have been enslaved. Which brings up another thing... enslavement of one of these dragons is not a good idea, as they don't do well in that particular environment. These dragons are free spirited, and have a great deal of self esteem,and to chain one is the greatest humiliation one of them can know.

Now...as to the second part of the question...Where to find them? Some of these dragons live at Sanctuary (which I have described in another essay)...but there are more of these dragons in the world then just at Sanctuary...for they always exist in our hearts, minds and souls, because that is where they came from originally.

A few last notations here on these dragons... They have a high level of honor, and a strong ethics code. They bear no unfounded bias against human-kind...in fact they tend to look upon human-kind as those that need to be taught, rather then fought. They have no set religion...it is more of an inner spirituality that gives them strength. There are many among them that are scholars...many that are teachers...and all of them have an ability to love unconditionally all that they encounter...regardless. This is not to say that they cannot hate, or get angry...for they can.. Shakespeare said it best in "Hamlet" ...."Stand not between the dragon and its wrath" This is quite true for these dragons, for if angered they are quite retaliatory, but always with a lesson...and once the lesson is taught, all is let go...for they also believe that to hold onto anger is to die...

When I created these wonderful creatures, I did it based mostly on my own personal learnings of my self and how I deal with the world around me. Perhaps to explain a bit more(as if you haven't had enough of these explanations!) I am a recovering alcoholic, and as such I do not always do life well...thus when I created these dragons I incorporated the teachings and beliefs that I hold not only dear, but which keep me alive one day at a time.

I hope that this explains a bit more about the dragons that I use in my RPing..and that I have invited others to use. I loathe locked rules and set minds on things... these dragons allow perhaps more freedom to express oneself, and one's beliefs, while at the same time, allowing for personal spiritual growth of the person running one of them.


I have just re-read what I wrote all so long ago and have realized that in the course of RPing with these dragons that there are a few other notations that need to be made on them.

First of all... As I read I realized that I neglected to cover the whole "Good vs. Evil" thing. Though as previously written and described, they sound to be all "good", these dragons, like the humanity they are based on, do come in all shapes and so forth. That is to say that there are those dragons...not trained at Sanctuary... that have a very dark nature, and dark habits or hobbies. This is also to be expected, due to certain blood-lines that have been developed over the years. To put it in short...for every Light (or some would say "good") inclined dragon...complete "good" or complete "Evil" are absolutes and those just don't apply here... there is one that is Dark (or some would say "evil") inclined one.

Now with that said... I also want to mention that in certain circumstances, though very, very rare they can be possessed...but their defenses must be almost completely down, and whatever possesses them must be either very swift, or very cunning...usually both.

They can also be broken...which usually results in a condition known as "Rogue". To explain this further... Going rogue means simply that the dragon in question pulls his mind and self into self and creates all the damage that he or she would normally create on the outside on the inside...wreaking the inner balanced mental landscape and blocking for the most part all attempts to help. This condition can go on for years...and in some cases has been known to result in death...either physical, or spiritual...sometimes both if the damage is severe enough. For a dragon to have gone rogue and come back is a fairly rare thing....though I know of two off the top of my head that have done so...one of them twice! Going rogue is a form of insanity..and dangerous.

What would cause this condition you ask..? Several things actually can set it off... Having a life-bond broken is usually the major cause. When I say a life-bond broken, I do not refer to by natural causes, but rather by deliberate action in some form or another. Another way for this condition to occur is for the dragon to be enslaved. As I mentioned previously, these dragons do not do well in captivity, and shackles and chains are as binding to the heart and soul of these great beasts as they are to the body.

I think that is all that really needs to be up-dated on this for now...but I am sure that as time goes by there will be other things that come up that I will have to explain and discuss.


Wow... alright..time for some updates here, as MikalMun has brought a few things to my attention.

I had stated originally that pregnancy could only occur if the pair were life-bonded, but due to a few shifts, I'm revising that. Though I should say that some sort of a bond does need to be in place...not just lust here folks, or we'd be hip deep in babies!

So, what sort of bond you ask.. A good question, which I happen to have an answer to. Any bond that serves a specific purpose... such as the light but very real bond/link between a Seeker and their Guide. And then only during a cycle.

Now, the subject has also come up about human/dragon pairings and life-bonds in that respect, and resulting children from such pairings. Let me deal with that one here and now..

It has happened..(obviously, as any of you know from following Mikal and Matty's wonderful and tragic story..Well done MikalMun on that btw...though I am saddened at how it had to end.) Now, as I was saying...it happens...but the circumstances must be very intense and the love very great for it to happen, as usually it is a dangerous thing to have a dragon and a human couple, for a number of reasons..Those of you that have experienced Mikal and Nick's running of my dragons know what I mean.. Nasty men, both of them! But I digress...

So a life-bond between a human..and when I say human, I mean just that..human, with nothing special about them...just a garden variety in abilities, no magic etc...and a dragon, specifically the ones I have outlined in these pages...can happen..and children can result from it.

There are a few exceptions to this however... In the event that a human and dragon couple and magic is in play during this, followed by, for whatever reason..a separating of the two after conception has taken place, there is a condition that can occur..rather like an allergy.. This becomes more pronounced if the parting is harsh or painful. It renders for all intensive purposes the dragon(who I am going on the assumption would be the female) unable after giving birth to conceive or carry to term another child by a human. Call it a strange chemical reaction if you will...but I have seen it happen so. What happens you ask if the attempt is made again, regardless? Well...simple actually... as it is almost always fatal to either the fetus, or the mother and usually both. As I said, this becomes more and more pronounced if the circumstances surrounding the pair are emotionally painful or pain filled.

In short...it renders the female capable only of conceiving and carrying to term a child of a dragon.

So..there you have it in a nut shell... I have of course suggested to MikalMun that he create a Q & A page and attach it...but he is stubborn and yowls about space...so I guess you'll have to settle for the updates posted here...

Hope this helped clarify some of the new and sometimes thorny twists that SL's can take... Happy RPing to you all.
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