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:::as you wander through the library, the peace and tranquility of it soaking into you, your eyes roaming the shelves, your eye is caught by yet another book, this one also bound in dark blue leather, with gold writing. Something about the book though seems to beg for you to take it down, and as you do, you get a feel that it is very old, the volume slim in comparison to others, still, there is something about it. Moving to a chair, you curl up once more, and begin to browse through it. The writing on the pages beautiful and elegant::::
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Sanctuary is a solitary mountain rising to 56,0000 feet above sea level. It is shrouded in clouds and mist, some of which is even natural. It is actually an old volcano, with the main part rising above a deep crater, and over-looking several valleys.

The actual entrance to this place which is shrouded in mystery, is reached by one of two ways...the first is by a narrow, rock strewn path that winds its way up from one of the valleys far's a three day hike!!!! And it deposits you on a wide ledge that leads to the interior. The second way is of course to fly...which brings you to the same ledge, which is truly massive...capable of having a dragon with a 200 foot wing span land upon it easily and still have room to turn around.
There are no guards, for none are needed. Sanctuary guards Sanctuary.
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Who would live in such a place? Dragons. Not just your common, legendary type dragons though, for these are different. They posses the ability to shift to a human form, and in some cases, another form, usually one that reflects their inner self. Color of dragons here does not carry the same meaning as it does in other realms...color does not reflect the disposition!!

And what would they do in this place? Live, teach, heal, love and in some tragic cases...die.

But I digress, and speak of the inhabitants and not the place that they inhabit...Sanctuary.
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The interior of Sanctuary contains many rooms...but the largest is by far the Central Audience Chamber. This is a hard place to describe, as it leaves a different impression on each that enters...but there are some things that are standard to all...its least 500 feet in diameter...with a ceiling that reaches to the very top of this massive mountain, and is open, allowing a single beam of light in. Under normal circumstances, this is the sole source of light...but during special needs, hundreds of candles are used to light this chamber.

The only other rooms that truly bear describing are the multiple dragon chambers attached to each set of personal rooms. These chambers are usually large(none has been measured smaller than 100 feet in diameter...but none match the size of the Central Audience Chamber)...and each is designed by the one that uses it.

But what are they used for? A dragon chamber serves but one making. The reason for the size should be evident, and you shouldn't need a picture drawn. Usually, though there is a smaller chamber just off of the main dragon chamber that has a bed, and in some cases a small kitchen-type set up. I mean...even dragons don't live by love alone!!!

It should be mentioned here though, a special feature and trait of all of Sanctuary... All the rooms have a natural shielding, preventing any unwanted mental noise from invading.
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Sanctuary has two distinct sections and two distinct sects within it...Teachers/Healers Hall and Seekers Hall. Both work in tandem, and yet both are autonomous. Teachers/Healers Hall deals primarily with the education of young dragons, and the healing of all wounds, whether they be physical, or mental. Those that dedicate their lives to this are some of the gentlest, and strongest that you will encounter...for they see all manner of pain and joy.

Seekers Hall...which is situated above the levels occupied by Teachers/Healers a different world. The halls themselves are of a lighter color and hue...and you can feel a definite difference as you pass from one to the other...for Seekers Hall, by necessity has much heavier shielding, so that when you enter those halls it is almost like going deaf for a moment, and yet, you also get a feeling of such safeness that it almost makes you weep in relief.

But what goes on in Seekers Hall? Seekers Hall's primary function is for those that reside there to spend time seeking...through time and space...with their minds. For what? Those in need of comfort, guidance, a friend...a lover. And knowledge...always knowledge..of people, customs, what ever catches their fancy. This is a very risky task, and it is never undertaken alone, Seekers usually work in pairs...and in the odd case trios...but that is the exception rather than the rule.

It is rare that those from Seekers Hall venture into the world physically, but they have been known to do so...and it always causes a stir, as the general physical characteristics of these people are breath-takingly beautiful, both the men and the women. Those that are a part of Seekers Hall have minds of incredible power, strength and flexibility... They have to. Many years go into the training of a Seeker, but there are a few that are born with the abilities.
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Sanctuary Mountain at Dawn
(Sanctuary seen in early dawn)

:::tucking the book back, you glance around:::::
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