Nick Continues...

:::is it days or merely hours before you find yourself back in the study once more?? No way of telling, and yet your host is there, eyes glittering, absently licking a fang:::

Mmm...I see you're brave enough to continue...good. :::dark smile::: And now that I've had a chance to grab a bite..I too shall continue.. ::;soft dark chuckle:::
Now..I could of course go into the more of my past... but that could indeed take many hours... hours better spent doing other things...
::::begins a silent pace sort of prowl around the room as he speaks:::

Since those early days, much has happened...and I am not what I had been then...I am more. Arrogant you think..? Perhaps so...certainly most would say so... but I do not see it as such..merely very aware of what I am..and what I can do.

Dragon...yes, without a doubt I am that...::;slight chuckle::: Vampire... Oh yeeessss Sweet...that too I am most assuredly. The night is a sweet dark hunting ground for me..and I love it dearly..for all manner of fears that flee the light of day come out in the deep shadows of the night... fears which I find delightful.. Perhaps this more than anything I should be grateful to my Sire for giving me.. though at the time of my siring..I had no way of knowing how I would come to love the night's sweet embrace.

Some have assumed ..incorrectly.. that I am like many others that roam these realms. I am not. Nor was my creation typical...but to go into the exact details of and now... would be a lengthy thing..and one that I think would be better left for some other time.

:::appears by the side of your chair, his deep copper hair seeming to almost glow, and his eyes holding a feral gleam as they regard you:::
I suppose you'd wonder what one such as I does for amusement..and how I can manage to live in this manner... ::;waving a crimson nailed hand to indicate the elegant room:::

Those questions are easy.. These Caverns..I inherited...sort of... as they have been in my family for many years..and until I became as I am now...had been abandoned.. upon coming of age, so to speak, I found them again..and made them mine...for one can not live with one's parent forever, now can one? All that you see here was either here to begin with..or I acquired through various over dinner. ::;dark wicked chuckle::: Thus negating the true need to actually "work" I seem to be slightly independently wealthy..which is a good thing.

:::gliding to a nearby chair, he sits with a feral grace, producing an emerald wine glass and taking a slow, sensuous sip:::
As to what amuses me... :::his voice taking on a dark purr that is slightly chilling::: That is a topic that I am more than content to talk about.
To put it simply...hunting...regardless of whether for my diner..or just for the delight of the tang of fear that fills the air from my prey. Screams... those too are amusing...
I can see and smell that these things disturb..good. Then I speak not in vain this night...

:::sets the glass on a small table, and stands:::
I think perhaps now would be a good time to show you just a bit of what I speak of...Come... ::holding an elegant hand out to you, his voice commanding, dark and silken::::