Faces Of Mikal

:::You find yourself standing in a long gallery, three full color paintings of exqusite detail catching and holding your eye for a long moment, before a gleam of brass at the bottom of them draws your attention. Curious, you bend closer to read the inscription upon it, etched in a strong flowing script::::

This hall is a tribute to the man known as Mikal DeVey of Sanctuary, sometimes refered to as Dragons Knight.

Born in a small nameless village, he spent the first part of his life an outcast, different yet special. He eventually left the village, to make his way to the mountain known as...Sanctuary, where he found himself and his calling, that of a healer and guide. He learned to hold a deep compassion for those in pain, learned to love unconditionally, to mend broken bones and spirits. In all these he excelled, and became one of the best.

In time though, he found that he himself was in need of the very gifts that he had learned and taught to so many others. However, though an excellant teacher, none of those he taught could save him from himself, and so for many months lay still and unmoving in the vast wonderful mountain, trapped within his own tormented mind, unable to save himself. It was by the supremem effort of a young Song Mage that his life was finally restored to him, though it nearly cost the lady her own life and mind.

Alive, but having lost the spark and the touch for his gifts, he adamently refused all help to continue to heal, and eventually departed the mountain to seek answers in the world, finding them eventually in a rumbling, bustling town called RhyDin, and a place therein called The Less Crowded Inn, where he encountered on a chill night a young woman that had enough heart, and fire within her to break through the numbness and give him back what had been lost. Her name will ring forever in the halls of the mountain called Sanctuary..the name of Matilda Saint John, savior of the Dragons Knight, and beloved of Mikal DeVey. Their story though is a long , wonderful and tragic one, not to be told here, but in another place and time.

With the loss of the Lady DeVey, for in fact they did wed, Mikal again found himself alone, bereft once more of part of his soul, a shell of a man, with no hope and less light. He shunned all that would offer hope and help, and there was this time no brave young Song Mage to bring him even partially back. Instead, there was a man...a simple man, a peddler of sorts, who having befriended Mikal years before, did what no other could, what Mikal himself would not allow from any other.. This man, friend, going by simply Dyveed, saved, through a deep love and respect, the shell of the man known as Mikal DeVey.

Once more the Dragons Knight lived, or rather existed. Bereft of his heart, half his soul once more, he found that he no longer wanted to see, to be reminded, of the sights that once had been so very dear to him, and so, as only a true healer, trained and nurtured by Sanctuary, could do, he in a fit of anguish and loss, destroyed key cells in his eyes so that there was only blessed darkness, and insuring that none would be able to fix this except himself if he ever chose to once more let the true light of day penitrate his senses and eyes.

Months passed, with Dyveed at his side, as he once more dared to face the hustle and bustle of RhyDin, louder then ever with his his now hightened senses of hearing, smell, touch, and taste.

He and Dyveed are together still, forging a bond of love and life between them that is both careful and yet loving. Mikal DeVey, the Dragons Knight of Sanctuary, has started to live again..and perhaps even..love.

Mikal DeVey, dragon, man, teacher, scholar, lover, artist.. May you soar once more my friend, welcome back to the living.

Signed and inscribed this 6th Day of the Month of October, in the year of our lord 1998, by the hand of Keellan StarsLight Brightbrow, Seeker and historian of Sanctuary.