The Founding Triad

These are the three Founding Members, and a bit about them.

Lord Master Nickodemus Bedlam II. Older then he looks, he was born far from the lands he now roams, and is the driving force some days behind the Founding Triad. Over the centuries he has lived, and died and lived, seeing humanity in its varied forms.
The blend of Gypsy and Bedlam blood in him give him a cold arrogance that set most mens teeth on edge, and fascinates most women. Its been said many times that he is a Baaad man, something he does not deny, but rather takes a bit of pride in.
The blend of vampire with the Bedlam blood gives him a cold ruthless determination that makes him always a force to not be underestimated.
Twisted sepparator
Lord Master Tiyagaris Ironwood. The charmer of the Founding Triad, he also is a force to be reckoned with at any given time. A beautiful blend of Elf and dragon, he bears all the qualities of those, sharp wits, a wicked sense of humor, and a sly cunning at times that matches Nickodemus's. He has more then earned his being referred to as Nickodemus's brother, as they share the same Sire, and like true brothers they do tend on occasion to bicker and squabble, though Tiyagaris usually has the upper hand, having been raised in a large family. None the less, his loyalty to Nickodemus and the House is not to be questioned and he can bring all facets of his delightful persona to bear in order to prove this.
The true beauty of the Triad, Lady Mistress Katarah is a sight to behold. Do not let her beauty though deceive you as to her true nature, for she is as dangerous as she is beautiful, being the sole child of Tiyagaris and beloved of both Tiyagaris and Nickodemus. This makes her the most protected in a sense of the three, and perhaps in her own way the most dangerous, having had both of these dynamic men as both her guides and mentors.

A fierce hunger fills her heart, a desire to always know more of the darkness in her soul. She delights in the wicked, the perverse, in pain and pleasure.

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