This is the account and story of the beginning of Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd, House of Power, as related by Nickodemus Bedlam II.

Months ago, after the severe weakening of the bonds that tied myself, my beloved brother Tiyagaris, and his child Raveana to Saffire, we found ourselves in an interesting situation.
We actually were bored a bit. We began looking around, and seeing certain aspects of RhyDin that held a fascination, though some find this particular aspect revolting. The aspect being the institution of slavery.

Please understand that we three do not see it in perhaps the same light as others might. We see it more as a necessary thing for many, rather then a form of subjugation.

We are not lazy people in general, but we do like our comforts, and there are definitely times that we can not always do for ourselves what we would like. Thus the vague idea began to form. On top of which, until then the three of us had been living in several different locations, with Tiyagaris in his own Caverns, and me in mine, with Raveana hopping between. This was awkward at best. So perhaps this was really created out of a need to have one central place. In any event, the idea bloomed after many long nights of talking it over and throwing ideas around. For the three of us together we came to realize are indeed a force to be reckoned with, and all of us have at one time had and still do, to handle or deal with assorted servants. We hold similar ideals, and as I said...we were bored.

We have formed the House out of a need to not only have one place that is ours alone, but also out of perhaps a perverse desire to show what three of the rarest can do when combined on a level such as we are.


How Nickodemus found Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd's Home

:::the nights hunt had been beyond a waste, it had been exasperating. Not one, but two had slipped from him...snatched by punties of all things. He'd ended up calling for Ras to bring the carriage in such a tone that even Ras cringed.

A swirl of velvets and silks surrounded him as he ascended into the carriage, almost slamming the door, and it was only due to the craftsmanship that he did not put his fist through the roof of it as he signaled for the team to go.. and go damn fast. A sighing snarl whispered in the air as he settled back against the deep green cushions, drawing the heavy curtains back to watch. For once he'd not ordered the team to *slip, and so watched the passing scenery with smoldering green eyes, and dark thoughts.

Punties are the hyena's of RhyDin, he thought darkly as the carriage reached the out skirts and headed toward the Caverns. They'll grab a meal or anything else for that matter from under a true predators nose, of out of his mouth...nothing is safe from them and nothing is sacred.

Watching the darkness flow past he sighed a bit. At least the By Laws and Codes were done, and the first servant, the first Na Searbhantan marked and welcomed. I'd rather it not have to happen though again in the Caverns... need to find.. or create someplace... Mmm, well we had talked about a joint holding... where though...where...?

A glimmer of something caught his keen eye and in a flash he'd signaled the team to stop, his hand moving for the handle of the door and opening it before he'd realized it. Stepping into the cool night air, he let his eyes sweep easily through the shadows until.... It was rare that he'd be surprised, but this... this did. Moving with the combined speed of both vampire and just sheer speed, he reached the massive abandoned edifice and just stared, his eyes drinking in the barely seeable soaring arches, the sheer elegance of design, and the obvious fact that this building hadn't been used in a very long time. Taking a deep breath even as a smile began to form on his lips, he bounded lightly up the stairs leading to the partially opened doors, noting absently in passing that the stairs numbered 21, and upon reaching the doors, slipped inside.

Standing stock still as only one such as he could, he listened. Silence, except for the scurrying of rats, and the occasional rustle of dead leaves in the errant breeze. He took a deep breath, noting the smells that he drew in, dust, dirt, rats, moles, spiders by the score, leaves... but nothing human, and nothing that could cause him harm, not that there was much that could. Nodding to himself, his eyes alight with discovery, and glowing a rich emerald with flecks of copper now and again, he prowled. The rest of the night he prowled, and on into the dawn, securing windows where he could, noting every detail as he went, and growing more and more pleased.

The sun had just peeked over the tops of the mountains when he again stepped forth from this place, and with an almost annoyed hiss, he drew his hood low upon his face, muttering darkly about being too damn bright regardless, and once more climbed into the carriage, this time jerking the curtains shut, but not before taking a last long look at the building that lay nestled halfway between his Caverns and Ris's, and oddly, equal distance from RhyDin as well, and would become home and seat to Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd, and with a real smile on his face, leaned back into the plush cushions as he signaled the team to slip back to the Caverns:::

*slip: The ability of his specialized team of not exactly horses to slip through time and distance, thus cloaking them, the carriage and all within it in shadow, protecting it from both prying eyes and sunlight.

Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd's Citadel, as first seen by Nickodemus. Step through to see the Laws that govern the House.

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