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A Note From Des

You, dear visitor are reading this because you had hoped to find me where I had been for so long. Alas... you have missed me.

The tale behind my departure is a long one... however, do not weep for my going, for I am in truth happier. I bid you though, as Lord Master Bedlam gave me his word... which is as good as any mans and better then most... that he would leave my rooms here at the Citadel intact for those that wished to see what had been. I can never repay his kindness in the doing of that.

A brief explination here, as you will find things in my rooms that may puzzle you. I still, though I am thousands of miles away, love dearly Dimitri. He shall forever be my Knight in shinning armor.

So... without further adding to the massive amounts of weeping that I'm sure have transpired, I bid you take up this flower and see what and where I had been for so very long.

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