ByLaws of the House

We who form the founding Triad of this House, being those known as Raveana Katarah, Tiyagaris Ironwood, and Nickodemus Bedlam II do hereby state and proclaim the following, as We hold absolute power and control of this Union.

Our Purpose:

We, of Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd, stand for unity of House and Family above all else, letting none divide us without severe peril of their lives. In the course of this, we shall take whatever measures needful to achieve and maintain this unity, facing all comers with honor, courage, and the full wrath of our combined might, while at the same time striving to add to the wealth and power of our unity and House.

We, in accordance with this also swear and avow to not be the aggressors in any source of contention, but we shall assuredly finish it in accordance with our beliefs and abilities, while upholding and preserving our Laws, set forth here.

Expectations of the Servants and Members of and for Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd:

1.) All servants and members of and to Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd will serve with honesty and loyalty to Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd, in whatever capacity they are called on.

2.) It should be understood that servants serve ALL members of Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd without question, though they may answer to only one specific member in regards to punishment and final say on their individual actions. Thus it follows that Members have the right to expect prompt, and courteous services.

3.) Further more it is expected that any and all servants and Members will not shirk their duties, regardless of location or composition of those in any given local, with the understanding that to do so is cause for reprimand and immediate punishment, being seen as disloyalty to Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd, be it servant or Member.

Acts of Dis-Loyalty

The following are considered acts of disloyalty to Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd. All final judgments to be made by the founding Triad, with punishment to be meted out by which so ever of the founders abilities it falls best to. The exception to this being in the event that it is one of the Founding Triad, in which event a third party from affiliates shall be called in to make still a Triad of Judgment.

1.) Revealing information learned in private settings to those that are not of Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd or approved affiliates for any reason.

2.) Using said information for personal gain, vengeance or harm to Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd, its members or affiliates.

3.) Refusing to serve a member of Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd, or refusing aid to a confirmed servant of Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd.

4.) Lying to or refusing to answer to any member of Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd when asked a direct question.

5.) Refusing to bear the mark of Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd upon their person after they have been confirmed and accepted into Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd.

6.) Willfully and knowingly abuse, mis-treat or otherwise act dishonorably in regards to treatment of servants, or other members.

Expected Conduct of Servants

" The Honor of the Servant is the Honor of the House."

Servants to Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd are expected to behave according to the high standards set by the Triad of Founders, which are as follows:

1.) Servants shall be respectful, both in speech and demeanor, at all times to members of Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd and its affiliates.

2.) They are to dress in a manner and style that reflects and honors Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd.

3.) Use and address members by right and proper titles, unless given permission otherwise, but always in public or when other members, or members of affiliates are present.

4.) Shall not engage in SM's.. or allow collaring by any other house without first resigning from or being dismissed from Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd.

Dress code for Servants when serving Members:

Na searbhantan (females):

Dress that falls floor length at most and no shorter then mid thigh, leaving neck and shoulders bare and to be made out of one of three materials.. Silk, satin or very fine velvet in a hue and color to designate whom they answer to... deep red for Lady Mistress Katarah, rich blue topaz for Lord Master Ironwood, and deepest green for Lord Master Bedlam. It is to be of a cut to flatter and enhance the body, without being vulgar or tacky. Hair is to be bound back no more then in a simple clasp at neck. Shoes are to be at the most simple laced sandals.
In Public dress should reflect the Honor and dignity of the House. **

An t-searbhanta (males):

Loose trousers that tie, with a simple vest, always leaving arms bare to display house mark. Materials and colors are same as for Na searbhantan. Hair to be confined at nape of neck as in with na searbhantan. Sandals of simple design are allowed.
As in with na searbhantan, Public dress should reflect Honor and dignity of House. **

**This code however can be modified for certain cases, and with mitigating circumstances.

Hierarchy of Members and Servants

All things must have order, thus does this House as well. What follows is to be the base for all things to come, for without a solid foundation, no House can stand.


As the Triad is an equally balanced thing, so is the power of it, with none being more so then any other, and all having equal say in all matters. Other members will have according power as is granted by the Triad.

Servants, General

There being Four levels of general servant to Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd, with level being gained through time, effort and loyalty to Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd, and granted after an appropriate period of time, each level having in and of itself its own special privileges and equal consequences.

First Level

Servants on this level are newly initiated into Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd and will bear about their upper arm a band of black iron in the design of a dragon, the eyes being gems denoting which of the Triad or member they serve. Emerald for Lord Master Bedlam, Dark blue topaz for Lord Master Ironwood, and deep ruby for Lady Mistress Katarah. They may serve during general meetings and functions that involve members of Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd, and affiliates, however, they are to be excluded from the more in depth meetings. A this level, infractions mean dismissal at the very least.

Second Level

Servants that reach this level are gifted with a band of steel to be worn with pride, as it is the mark that they have served well enough to be granted a higher degree of trust then before. They too serve during any general meetings and functions of Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd, but are also allowed to serve in some of the more in depth meetings and functions, and may be permitted in certain circumstances to be allowed into certain areas that they had not been before, and may be granted to carry none critical messages between members. Infractions to be dealt with more severely, as by this time servants should know the code and By Laws and what is expected as to proper manner and bearing.

Third Level

Servants that have earned this level bear a copper band, that is a definite achievement, for it means that they are now permitted to serve in the more private moments, that are not necessarily related to public functions. They are trusted enough to bear messages not only between members but to others as well. At this level, infractions are dealt with painfully, and if the servant is fortunate to survive them, they shall find themselves back to Iron Band, and be watched closely for a period of time to be determined by both their crime, and the Triad's choice.

Fourth Level

Servants that are lucky enough to gain this level are gifted with a band of gold, a mark of honor and the highest level of trust possible. They are allowed to serve regardless of meeting, and are granted the honor of being allowed to serve in the private quarters. They are trusted with all level of messages except for those that are of such a deep nature that none save the Triad may convey them. There is only one penalty for infractions on this level...death.

Servants, Blood

The Blood Servant has but one purpose and shall serve it completely. Having been marked as such by a gold or copper collar from which hangs a single BloodStone.

To attempt to remove this collar is to die. Blood Servants directly serve the Triad and their whims at any given moment, with the understanding that any member of the Triad may take from them their lives with no warning what so ever.

Levels are gained by general servants demonstrating a willingness and ability to adhere to the codes and By Laws of Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd. Special privileges or gifts may be granted by individual members of the Triad to specific servants as rewards, however, all level advances shall be decided by them as a whole, needing a two thirds vote for it to be approved.

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