Aureila... A Lost Soul Come Home.

Curled about her blankets in the small room next to Master IronWood's, Auriela looked around. Slate-blue eyes falling on each book she couldn't read, and each dress she didn't really own. A soft smile caressed her lips as she heard her Master moving about near by. She was safe here, she could feel it. Her mind wandered back to when he had found her in the Slave Place, and then to that moment from Heaven when he had clicked the arm band into place. But she hadn't always been so happy.

Rising, she let the silk sheet fall away, and the blue silks of her dress slip over her head and hug her petite frame. She began to wander around the room, remembering.

She had been born into the lot of life so many despised. She didn't understand why, serving people made them happy. And it made her happy to know others were pleased with life. Her first Master had named her after his late wife. And when his daughter, Sarah was married, she went to serve as nanny for their new baby. But then Mistress Sarah, her husband, and child were all taken by TB and she was left with out a Master.

That's when she fell into the service of Olan D'naea. He was awful. Thank the Goddess those horrible scars were covered and no one but Desireé knew they were there. Master D'naea hadn't been kind at all. He had been mean, worse than even Lord Master was here. She did like it here through. Another white gold curl fell into her eyes, she just let this one hang there, it would be back in her eyes soon enough if she moved it anyway. Maybe she just wouldn't think about Master D'naea anymore, and then the nightmares would go away. Because Master wouldn't let anything bad happen to her. at the Citadel..she was safe.

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