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From out the shadows rises an edifice of impossing proportions, wreathed in a sense of both the chill of death, and a driving purpose.

You enter the main courtyard to be greeted by a tall figure swathed in shadows, but for the eyes which regard you with a chilled, sardonic amusement.

Evening traveller... you seem to have found our humble abode...

From the voice alone you realize that your host is male, for his voice is smooth, slightly dark and completely urbane.
He gives the slightest inclinations of his head, and gestures behind him toward the mighty ediface soaring into the night sky, moonlight dancing off the crimson nails to make them seem to give the impression that they are somehow wet.

Please... allow me to be your guide this night. Behind us rises the face of the Citadel of Ar Tiaghe de Cumhachd... or House of Power. Were you to dare to step through the main doors you would find yourself in the Central Hall, and be given the chance to learn of the ByLaws of this House.
To your left you see the West Wing, where those that Serve have rooms. To the right is the East Wing, which holds the rooms for the founders. The Guest Wing and Gardens, respectively are about self-explanitory I believe.

I shall of course be a guide of sorts through this... with the assistance of the rest of those that live here. I ask that you show them respect... for your own health.

(Note!! For those not familiar with image maps.. the sections in the above text in red are the corresponding names and links on the image below. Or if you find it easier, follow the text links below the image.)

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Main Courtyard | West Wing | Central Hall | East Wing | Stables | Work Rooms

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