Arimis DuMort

Countess, Assassin, Dragon

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Born a lot longer ago then she cares to recall now, Arimis DuMort has been many things in her long life. Standing 6 ft, with dark flashing eyes, and well toned curves one tends to forget that this woman has killed repeatedly and in some case with real delight.

At 14 she ran away from home for her own reasons. Perhaps it was an impending arranged marriage with a man older then her that she loathed... who can really say. Whatever her reasons, she packed a few things and headed for the hills so to speak. In time her wanderings lead her to a vast desert. Being a bold, brave child she headed down into this place. This began a series of events that would change her forever.

It might be a desert but it wasn't without inhabitants... and it wasn't long before those inhabitants, or some of them, found her. She'd been walking for several days and not knowing the desert was horribly thirsty and sunburnt. Bandits don't care much about those sorts of things though when they spy a pretty prize to have fun with.

The details of that first encounter don't need to be gone into, sufficient to say she was rescued... by the other inhabitants of this formidable desert. Taken to their stronghold, she found herself in a world unlike any she'd ever dreamed of.

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This was the beginning of a brand new life for young Arimis. From her rescue in the desert she trained to become an assassin. By the age of 18 she'd made a name for herself and gained more respect then any 18 year old ought to have frankly. Richer then perhaps even her own family, she began to travel to distant places, boldly... seeking out and commanding high prices.

Over the years Arimis had adventures, love, death, Goddess hood and assorted titles bestowed upon her. She became the bearer of two sentient swords, the leader of the assassins that trained her... First Knight to two separate Princesses... the experience with those left her soured toward Princesses to this day. She surpassed being merely human, being saved by a friend that was not human in the only way that she could be, via blood transfusion, which left her alive, but dragon.

All of these events and more only served to strengthen this woman, who now has a resolve of steel. However they also brought forth a side of her thats rarely seen... that of compassion and the ability to love deeply and fiercely.

Eventually she did return to her family home, only to find a usurper there. Apparently her family... what there had been of it... had all died, and so this person just moved in. Ironically it was the same man that years before she'd been promised to. It took all her skills and cunning to finally oust him...but oust him she did, and gingerly took up the reins and mantle of control, as well as the title Countess.

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But what of today? Today this lady has found real love, given birth to three children (one of which was actually during her adventures), has a solid grasp on the reins of her holdings, continues to work as an assassin, having passed the reins of full control over to others long ago, and knows deep within herself that it was all worth it... every tear, every drop of blood, every death of a friend or associate... all of it was worth it. However, for all her charms and sharp wits, its known that getting on this ladies bad side is... well... unhealthy to say the least.