He's been around for more years then most people realize. Born Boris Peyton Torrence DeLaChat, he's more commonly known as just Stalker. There's been speculation over the years about this man,( who at 6 ft 6 inches with stunning molten gold eyes and dark hair, cuts a amazing sight to anyone) as to what's really transpired in his life and how he ended up where he is today.

So, for all those enquiring minds (or even just the idle curious)is a private interview with this devastating man. I caught up with him at his home, The Castille DeLaChat, situated in the wild rugged lands to the north.

You're a hard man to catch.
[laughs] Yeah well, I try and keep it that way too. There are some that can catch up with me a bit easier, but most can't. I'd say you got pretty lucky.

Is that because of the nature of your work?
I think so, yeah. While the subject is at hand, and since you were so delicate about bringing it up, lets just get it out in the open shall we??
Yes, I'm an assassin, yes I make damn good money doing it, and good luck trying to catch me.

Ummm... that's not exactly the sort of job you just go an apply for is it?
[laughs]No it isn't. Its really a long story as to how I ended up doing it. Basically my father and I had a fight and I left. I didn't have a real destination in mind.. I was pretty angry at the time, so I just travelled. I ended up in the middle of a desert and miserable. From there I ended up at DakMar. [holds up a hand] Don't ask what happened in between.. I honestly don't remember.

Okay, I won't ask. A lot of people though have wondered at your eyes. Can I ask about those?
My eyes? Yeah, those I can sort of explain. Through a series of... well unusual events they ended up the color they are now. I was not born with molten gold eyes [laughs]. They actually used to be hazel.

Wow... bit of a change, but still sexy.
[grins]Ya' think? I'd better be careful though... all either of us would need is for the Baroness to catch me flirting and somebody would hurt... a lot.

You are referring of course to your current wife, the Baroness DeLaChat, who seems to have almost as many titles as you. You've been married before though haven't you?
That is indeed the lady I refer to yeah. An amazing woman... she can kick butt or sing a song and all the while insist that she's "just a bard". Which is a load of crap in my book [shrugs]but I haven't been able to convince her otherwise. As to the actual question, yes I have, twice actually. Obviously though they didn't work out.
My first wife... well, that was just a mess. Very complicated and I'd have to say that the best thing that came out of the entire situation would be the three children. As far as my second wife... well... that's a very long story that would be an interview in and of itself. In short, that fell apart as well.

None of the others then took your title?
No. I think that might have been why they didn't work out. I took titles from their kingdoms, or holdings, but never did either of them carry the title Baroness.

How many titles do you have actually?
Mmm... well Baron, High Lord Assassin, and DragonsFaith. The first I got saddled with at birth... didn't as for it, just kinda had it dumped on me. The second one... that I earned! As for the last one, well... I suppose I earned that one too.

Would that last title indicate something special ?
[grins] I'm not human. I had been... I certainly was born human, but again, events conspired to make me other. Now, today, right this moment... I'm actually dragon. It's a very very long story on how that came about, but I'm not sorry for it happening.

So you can fly, and breath fire and all of that stuff?
Yeah....but I don't go around eating virgins... well... at least not in the way most people would think of eating in any event.

I'm going to back up a bit here. Obviously there are people that don't know of you, so for them, could you give a run-down of likes, dislikes, etc...?
Thats a tall order, but... I'll see what I can do. Lets see, likes... well, rain in the early morning, people that pay bills on time, food in general, horses, flying, making money... the list could go on for quite some time.
Dislikes however is pretty easy... liars, cheats, thieves, rapists and...those with no honor. That last one has been known to have lethal side effects.

Do you find that you run into a conflict of interest being both the Baron DeLaChat and an assassin?
No... I try and keep the two completely separate. If I didn't then my leadership in both areas would suffer I think. Being the Baron DeLaChat requires that the people trust me implicitly to do what is best for them. If I ruled DeLaChat lands under the assassins guidelines, then I think they wouldn't trust me. As Baron, I he source of their problems. [wry grin] It could perhaps be lucrative... but at the cost of what? [gives a shake of his head] No.. I keep them separate.. it makes it easier on all parties all the way around.
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