We'd talked briefly about your other marriages, without a great deal of detail, but I'm wondering how you met the Baroness.
Ahhhh... well... oddly it was while I was still married to my second wife that I encountered her. It was a late night and I was beginning to doubt a great many things about the marriage. I'd gone into this rat hole little tavern, mostly to just sit and think. She was sitting over in a corner, playing the most beautiful song. I just sat and listened. Well... until I finally decided to say something to her. [chuckle] That started a general discussion in the tavern as to my approach, which according to the locals was all wrong. From that night on, fate had her way with us both. It was though years before I got around to asking her to marry me. We both had... umm... excess baggage that needed to be disposed of first.

You mentioned three children from the previous marriages, but don't you and the Baroness have one as well?
Yes we do. Kerrick. [smile] And as long as we are on the subject, lets cover all children. Aside from mine from previous marriages, the Baroness also has children from prior attachments. Well... sort of. That's a long complicated explanation in and of itself. However, all told between the two of us there are 7 children. [ticking them off on his fingers]Valdis, Enos, Galena, Kerrick, Sardonyx, Chanya and Surion.

You sound like a man thats has the perfect dream life. Any regrets?
It's not perfect by any means, trust me. Regrets?Hmmm... I don't think. My life has unfolded the way its needed to. I suppose if I had to name a regret it would be the first two marriages. Well, let me be a bit more specific. I regret the first two women I married, but not the children that ensued.
I would imagine that with you holding two jobs basically that you don't get to spend much time with your family.
Actually, I get to spend more time then you'd think. The Baroness also holds a position under me at DakMar, so we actually get a great deal of time together. The children... well... as they are older now its easier to be able to catch up with them, but they too have lives and responsibilities. I guess really the one person I don't see as much as I should or want to is my brother Peter.

Are you ever going to retire from being an assassin? Do assassins retire?
[laughs] Retire?? Wow, I hadn't even thought of that idea actually. Maybe one day... in the very very distant future, but it certainly won't be any time soon. Yes, assassins actually do retire, at least the good ones do. The bad ones end their careers at a young age.

You must be one of the good ones then, as you are still here.
[ringing laugh] Well... must be at that... some places are offering extraordinary amounts for my capture or execution and as you said, I'm still here.

Where do you see yourself in say, ten years?
In ten years? Hmmm... doing what I'm doing now, hopefully with a small heard of grandchildren to spoil and delight in.

I stayed at the Castille DeLaChat for a week while conducting this interview, and during that time I got to tour the place extensively. It's a strong, rugged beautiful land that seems to reflect the inner spirits of the Baron and Baroness.

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