Galena DeLaChat

Out of hell

My name is Galena DeLaChat, and I am a survivor. A survivor of what you ask? Perhaps my own best thinking, because I'm beginning to suspect that's what got me where I was.

I AM the only daughter. I grew up spoiled and bored. My Uncle Peter raised us mostly. I don't really remember my mother, so don't even ask. My brothers did their own thing, and father was off doing... well... father things. When your father is an assassin, you don't ask too many questions about where he is when he's not around.
So, growing up I learned all the proper things a young lady should learn... mostly embroidery, which I'm told I'm pretty good at. I learned manners, dancing, crap like that. As I matured I became a horrible flit I'm told.

I guess I should clear a few things up huh? I... I don't remember any of my growing up for the most part... because of what happened later in my life.

So, now that that's out of the way, I'll go on. I learned all the right things, but was lonely... that I do remember vaguely. I guess that I was so lonely that I found solace in the local Catholic church. Nobody knew until it was too late. Nobody told me that I was special... I guess they didn't want me putting on airs or some such thing. Anyway... my older brother Valdis put an end to a lot of things by maturing first... just before my father returned from where ever he'd been. Those events landed all of us, Valdis, my brother Enos, and myself, here at Sanctuary.

Valdis's maturing set the rest of us off... perhaps prematurely... but none the less it did. The boys didn't have issues... but me... I guess I did.
The rest is pretty much blurry still. I must have been bored eventually... and scared... and... who knows. I think upon reflection that I probably wasn't particularly likable at that time of my life.

I... I guess I wandered off... in a pretty unusual way... both physically and mentally. I dunno... but I remember where I ended up. I ended up in this big, dark city. In an alley of some sort. There were people... I went to go talk to them. Some of the rest is also kind of blurry... but thats by my choosing. There are some details that well... are best left blurry.

I was with these people, who turned out to be drug addicts and well...sick in many ways. I slowly forgot anything that I'd been taught... I forgot what I was... I forgot. All that mattered was pleasing those dirty people, and the fix they would give me if I was a good girl. I didn't even have a name really... I mean, they certainly called me names, buuuut... not quite the same thing I think.
I don't know how long I was there. I've been told it was at least six months or so. I'm not even sure how I was found. I've been told but, it still confuses me. However, I was found once more by members of this mountain, to who I owe my life I think several times over.

I was in bad shape. Plain and simple. It was strangely my brother Valdis who I trusted first, of all the people that wanted to help me. Val... warm amber and cinnamon...who shown a light into my hellish darkness.

In time I healed, and am I believe a much better person for all the hell I've been through. Maybe I'm wrong... maybe I'm just me, no better, no worse, just me.

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