No shade... no air moving..only miles upon miles of bleak burning sand streach before you.

Then... in the distance you see it... rising like a shimmering becon of offered hope... thats if its not a mirage..

You stagger on... your mouth dry, your skin blistered and scoured from the very nature of this vast inhospitable desert.. the mass becoming clearer, rising from the dunes like a monsterous heap of stone, offering the rising hope of shade and coolness.

Hours that feel like years later you reach it...the dark sunblasted stone throwing its shadow onto the searing red-tinted sands about you. As you blink and stare, you sense eyes watching from the cool inviting shadows.

From these shadows finally comes a quietly spoken voice...calm, relaxed but still cautious:::

Come no closer... you are watched. State name and reason traveller for coming to this place...

You do as bid and after a long moment are admitted inside...