Arkenlight Dynasty:

An Overview

What, in general they are:

Human in form for the most part, the Arkenlight clan is not really what they seem. Some would call them demigods... derived and born of a far older race, with extrodinary powers that most see and perceive as godlike. These powers are derived and based on each individual member's soul, and come to the forefront of their personas only with maturity, which we will deal with later.

A bit on the nature of the Soul.

~~From the Great Book of Arken~~
as recorded by Tala Arkenlight

To many people there is no such entity as "the soul", they say that it does not exist. The very nature and existance of my family is, in fact, proof otherwise.

The soul is an entity beyond the flesh, beyond time, and yes beyond death in most cases. Though it is encased in the flesh, which feels time and can indeed die. With the expenditure of a great deal of energy our soul binds to its fleshy home, that it so needs, and lives as the mortals do.

Our soul is the soul of a god, tremendous power, but due to its need of a body, we are not quite gods.

From our soul comes most if not all of our powers. The body is just a lump of flesh to house our soul, the real Arkenlight. We live and die by our soul and so we must feed it, which I will discuss later.

It is possible for the soul to break free from the body, but only through intense and/or prolonged stimuli, or "feeding". This stimuli varies from person to person. When this "bursting" occurs all the energy that the soul used to bind itself to the body explodes outward, and be warned that this is felt by all in the family and will create a myriad of effects in the surrounding area. I will discuss more on bursting later.

For now let us look at the individual souls of my family.

I will begin with the eldest, Salinith. His soul is that of the artist and creator, but through some quirk, which I believe to be his life away from mother and father, his soul is tainted with pain and sorrow. This taint could be removed, though I know not how and forever look into that problem. To touch his soul is to touch art in it's purest form, and to know the pains of lifetimes. The time when his soul shines through the most is in times of creation and times of great sorrow, though feeding from the sorrow only taints him more. Feeding from creation, whether his own or another's is what he must strive for, but he will not listen to me nor anyone else....though there is one that I know he'll listen to, but I cannot tell her.

Next we have Talon, Sal's twin. His is the soul of the Corrupter, the Destroyer, filled with anger and rage. To touch his soul is to touch pure, raw hatred and to know the true depths of corruption. The times when his soul "shines" is in times of death and destruction, or when innocence is forever lost. And lords help the world when his soul must feed, many will die or face that terrible blade of his.

Now we come to Razor. His soul is that of the conformer, the solider, or the "sheep" if you must, filled with nothing but what he is told. I'm not quite sure how to touch his soul, nor am I sure on when it is clear, nor how he sates it.

Now we will look at Nightwind, the easiest in many respects. His soul is that of the lover, filled with raw, unbridled, visceral lust but yet the tenderest of soft sides. To touch his soul is to know lust of yet unknown depths and to know the purest of loves. The times when it is clearer in, to put it bluntly and in terms he'd use, when he's fucking, and when he's curled up with one he loves....even a kiss could set him off. To sate his is simple...he must have sex...buuuuuuut the catch on here is, if his soul is truly awoken he must find someone that can withstand a lot, and it usually must be the one that set it ablaze.

Then we have myself, Tala, and my sister Scythe. We have the soul of the scholar, filled with the need to learn and record. To touch mine is to touch the eternal quest for knowledge, the forever historian and feel the need to learn.
To touch Scythe's is to touch the eternal quest in the darkness that dwells in all. Mine is clearer in times of learning and discovering, and Scythe's when doing or learning of those nasty things she so enjoys. Sating mine is fairly simple, that is to teach me something new or witnessing someone discovering something new. Scythe's is the same, but must be the darker knowledge.

I cannot answer for Dark Heart and Chakram. I haven't been able to contact Cha, and Dark fights me at every attempt to discover his nature, though one day I will.

A Link Unbreakable

The souls of my family are forever linked to one another, though the link is much less with our parents and much greater for Scythe and myself. I'm not sure why Scythe and myself feel this greater, but my research continues.

This link is very much a double edged sword. It allows us to keep "tabs" on each other and know if one is hurting and how deeply. On the flip-side of this is the fact that when an intense feeling is felt by one it is felt by all, this feeling is usually one that touches the soul deeply. If one of us "bursts" we all will feel it, and it could very well cripple the rest. Nightwind makes this area very problematic, should he experience a feeling so intense that his soul bursts we will also feel what his partner feels, and at the current rate knowing his chosen mate, I hope that this never happens, as it could very well kill Scythe and myself and forever cripple the rest.

An interesting point must be made here, our souls can become entwined around another person. This is rare, though not unknown. This can happen when someone touches our soul so much that our soul begins to crave that person, linking us to that person for the duration of our or their life. This can be troublesome for some of us, but I will not say whom, that my dear reader is your guess.

Breaking of the Flesh

As I mentioned earlier it is possible for the soul to escape the flesh, the cause being intense and/or prolonged stimuli.

The soul will react to this "breaking" in one of two ways; explode from the flesh, forever destroying the body or it will seep from the body.

Seeping is of course the preferred method, if one method must be chosen. When it seeps from the body it will generally hover around the body as it draws in what truely awoke it and feed, and when it has fed its fill it will return to the body, and lay more dormant. This dormancy will not cancel our powers, nay, it means that we can go longer without having to feed the soul in any way shape or form. Being creatures of souls, we prefer to feel the presence of our soul, so dormancy is not a good thing.

Breaking, is the worst of all things. In this method, the body is forever destroyed, and the other members of the family go through one hell of a shock. This is not to say that with the body destroyed the soul is dead, no, it can go through rebirth or a ritual to restore their "burst" body. As I mentioned earlier, bursting will cause a huge explosion of energy, and what it does depends mostly upon the person in question, though it is more variable than I make it sound.

Now the family can gather around the one that is breaking his/her flesh and stop it from happening, though rarely do we get along well enough to have everyone there. It has yet to be seen if another can prevent a breaking, though I'm sure it can.

In Conclusion...

As one can see, there are a quite a few simlilarities between the Arkenlights and Sanctuary dragons in general.. I suspect that the deviations are more along the lines of thinking than anything truly physical, for Arkenlights have the ability to change form...though it does cause a degree of pain, based on how far from the "human" form they change... taking the form ape for instance would cause a mild discomfort, whereas taking on say..dragon, would be downright painful. The further afield, the more intense the agony, and the residual pain as well

Having said that, one is led to wonder if the thinking and perception might possibly affect the degree of pain, for in fact Arkenlights are what they perceive themselves to be, at least as far as the soul is concerned.

As mentioned earlier, maturing of said Arkenlights shall now be looked at. When does it happen? What is it?

In fact there is no set time, but rather it occurs when the individual accepts completely all aspects of their soul as part of themselves. This could conceivably happen from almost birth...though there is no record at this time of such an occurrence.

And what happens if the 'soul" is not accepted??? This too is an interesting quirk of them... for if it is not accepted then development of abilities ceases..or lessens.
To reach and ascend to full capabilities they must accept fully their own personal nature. One suspects that this more than anything has stilted the growth of a couple of members of this unique family, and damaged others. Oddly, in this they are perhaps more human than anything.

In a nutshell then, Arkenlights are facinating, powerful entities and yet with limitations... a living, breathing bundle of contradictions that seem to actually work, and holding the potential for disaster if left to their own devices.

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