DarkHeart Arkenlight

a.k.a. The Moron

::: a small grimace crosses her face as she blinks at you silently for a few moments::
The Moron??? Are you positive...I mean there's more interesting things to talk about than him...I mean...come on....::with a small resigned sigh she begins::

DarkHeart Fine....fine...Dark is the only one of us to have denied his nature. He spent most of his life in service to Talon and never really had the chance to grow and learn as he should have....why work for Talon you ask? Well it's simple really....Talon had hired him to eliminate someone for him....and dear sweet Talon had set Dark up to fall and fall hard...only to save his life at the last minute and use Dark's sense of honor to extract a life-debt from him. So Dark spent his time killing those that stood in Talon's way....
::she half-shrugs::
Anyway...it wasn't until Talon decided to try to eliminate Night that Dark was freed from this debt....a nice enough bard by the name of Sun stepped in and freed him.....Dark and her kind of had a thing...it didn't go anywhere...but it wasn't meant to be...he didn't understand her nature and he wouldn't accept his.

He eventually settled down with a woman by the name of Jemina. Together they had four little children of . He was going to retire from the buisness of killing for cash...and take up a job as Minister of Defence. All that changed about a few years ago...he left home for a short time only to return to a house filled with the dead bodies of wife and children...he picked back up his blades and garotte and took off like a bat from hell with the devil on it's tail in search of those that took from him. And at that point finally accepted what and who he is
::she sighs slightly::
Sure he's a moron and all, but I'd never wish that on him, ya' know? He's my baby brother and I love him...however give him a wiiiiiide berth, unless you really like being choked and all.
Recently, though, with many thanks to that brilliant niece of mine, DayStar, he rejoined the world of the living. You see she sort of...badgered him back to the here and now. Anywaaaaay, Nickodemus Bedlam and Stalker helped him track down the fiends responisble for the whole sale slaughter of his family, and he like met a girl and they're like dating or something?
:::hopeful grin with a vacant blink:::