Arkenlight Dynasty

A Family of Tragic Proportions.

Oh... you've found our little corner of the universe... how delightful.......

:: the voice is both chipper and childish. In a flash of blond and pastel she is now standing beside you, tugging on your arm like a child wanting to show off a new and favorite toy::

Come on, come on...don't just stand there looking like......ummm....some old fuddy-duddy. Grab a, not like that...Sit down...but please do be careful of my books..

:: everywhere around you are piles and piles of books, the shelves full to the max, the only clear space being the large writing desk that just so happens to have two chairs.
Fearing for the lose of your arm in her exuberance, you seat yourself comfortably as she skips to hers, delicately lands in it and smiles at you vaguely while batting her eyelashs owlishly::

My name is Tala. And you are? No, that's not really important...well I mean it is buuuut if we sat around telling names we'd be here for....centuries...and there's too much to tell...and I'm babbling aren't I?
In any event......from here until you tire of listening to me, I will be your guide....niffty, huh?
So, if you tell me which of us you wish to learn about, I will dispense what I have gathered over the......ummmm...I let's just say....the really long time I've lived, kay?
Of course I suppose you cooould just hear the short version ...well... shorter... kind of... :::blinking owlishly once more at you with that same blank sort of look::::

Another Graphical Dreams creation!